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"PFlow-ABurn" node... what does it do?
For simple clouds, do I need to use the "PFlow-ABurn" node? It has the teapot logo, so is this node a replacement for the "render node"?

I'm having a lot of render crashes and I'm curious if it's because I'm not using the "PFlow-ABurn" node.

Thanks! Smile
If you select FSource as particles in AB, you'll get AB Puffs around every particle in PFlow. No matter how many events you have, groups etc.
If you want AB around particles that are in a certain event, ie: drops hit the floor, bounce back and leave a trail of smoke - then you add the ABurn node into the "Smoke trail" event.
You'll get a ABurn01 helper in the scene, that you can select as the particles in AB rollout in Enviroment.
Select just the helper, without PFSource Smile
the PFlow-Aburn node also allows Aburn to use the particles' rotation and scale

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