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Is it "safe" to buy Afterburn 4.0
I have Afterburn 3.2 but I am thinking of buying 4.0 but I read so much about bugs in v4.0 so maybe I should wait?
Not so fun to buy a plugin with so many bugs in it...

Or, have them been fixed? Not so much info in this board anymore...

Hi Stefan,

What bugs does concern you, and which 3ds max version you intend to run ?



Well, I can´t say what bugs due I haven´t used it yet (only 3.2c) but if you see yourself in this forum, and a few at cgtalk, many seems to have some problems with misc things, and that is not what you want if you buy a plugin of cource.

Right now, I use max 2008 but soon I will upgrade to 2009.

Can someone please answer me here? Not much "action" here anymore...
Like I said, I read a lot of posts from people, here and at CGTalk about problems, bugs and so on, so thats why I ask if it´s saft to buy it or should I wait until v4.x?
Don´t know how much bugfixes being done since v4 was released but it´s still on v4.0 so...
There are some issues with the Octane shader (shadows) and Hypersolids/Metaball(the occassional crashing at rendertime). Seriously though, other than that it is great.
we use ABurn 4 all day long and it does great. The new AB Shadows are wicked fast and there's only one thing we're trying to get fixed is the particle alignment & scale from TP into ABurn. Other than that ABurn 4 is great.

Also make sure your scene scale isn't HUGE (e.g. 100,000 units) else this will make it hard to get nice shader noise...
Okay, thanks folks, nice to hear.
I was thinking in using it along with TP3.

Thanks for the replys!

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