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AB 4 Octane Shader Blacking out
Just playing around a little bit and oh dear.

Frames 71,120,139,346,411

Built off of the dust1 preset, (so easily reproducible)
Only changes Shadows Cast off, self shadows on, Rayleigh light scattering, keymode color with three points (light brown>darker>back to lightbrown)

One Target spot with AB shadow map default, object shadows off.

This issues doesn't occur using Raymarcher.
Scanline render
Quicktime 4.5MB

Anyone else run into this?

win xp64 SP2
dell 690 dual dual-core intel 5160 @ 3.00ghz
8 gig ram
quadrofx 4500 (forceware version 162.65)

Max2008 32-bit
Thought I should note that I also rendered it Max9 x32 and it rendered with the ominous little black dots. So either way... :?

Is it possible to see this .max file to debug ?
You can email it to mailto:kresimir@afterworks.com

Thank you

Scene sent.

I also noted that all other shadow types with Light>Atmospheric On an AB4 Octane shader + self shadows ON result in corrupt renders.

Example: AB4 Octane Shader + Self Shadows ON, Light Atmospheric ON + Standard Shadow Map (Same results in max 2008 & 2009 32 bit)

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