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FFX, Vista and MAX2008

Im having some problems installing FumeFX and Afterburn on Vista x64 machine.
We have new MAX2008 x64 installation on XP x64 with FumeFX, Afterburn and Thinking Particles.
We use my licenses for FFX and AB, from my laptop. Importing the licenses works fine for MAX2008 on my work machine, no problem!

I work with MAX9 x64 on Vista Ultimate x64 on my laptop with no problems!
I have installed MAX2008 x64 on my laptop with Vista Ultimate x64, need it for my work after work :-), MAX works fine using the company license ( transferring the license ) BUT,
MAX2008 x64 starts and works if there is no Fume nor Afterburn installed. As soon as I install one of the plugs, MAX crash on starting... I have to work with MAX2008 but got MAX9 working setup only :-(
I think, it must be something with the plug-ins directory in plugin.ini or something... like the wrong paths in plugin.ini for x64 in some plugin, I dont remember witch one :-), will check this tomorrow! but Im confused, why MAX2008 crash on vista with FFX or AB installed??
It is not an authorization problem, MAX wont even start!

what happens if you remove the lines for FumeFX and Aferburn from plugin.ini and leave only Afterworks/common line?

loading common plug ins only gives an crash as well.
it is an DCPFLICS problem I think.

OK, can you try loading only dcpflics.dlu and then only afterworks.dlu, to see which one is it? But we probably cannot assist you with this immediately.
Hi vjeko,

I did like you said.

Vista Ultimate SP1 x64
Max2008 x64

1. preventing Afterworks.dlu from loading, Dcpflics.dlu and FusionWorks.dlr loading, causes loading error on FusionWorks.dlr,"failed to initialize", but MAX starts.
2. preventing Dcpflics.dlu from loading, Afterworks.dlu and FusionWorks.dlr loading, causes no errors, MAX starts normaly (Failed to initialize if FumeFX.dlo loads)
3. preventing FusionWorks.dlr from loading, Afterworks.dlu and Dcpflics.dlu loading, causes no errors, MAX starts normaly (Failed to initialize if FumeFX.dlo loads)

Hi, im having similar problem as Mr.Bandu.

I have AfterBurn 3.2c and FumeFX1.0a installed on 64bit machines with 3dsmax 9, which works fine.
however, when i try to upgrade FumeFX1.0a to FumeFX1.1,
3dsmax crashes on starting with an error of "failed to initialize FusionWorks.dlr"

our tech said 3dsmax works fine when both AfterBurn3.2c and FumeFX1.0a read
Afterworks.dlu (which works fine)

but since FumeFX1.1, it needs to read Afterworks.dlu
and AfterBurn3.2c needs to read Afterworks.dlu
He thinks this is the reason of getting the error...

Is there any way to avoid getting this "failed to initialize FusionWorks.dlr"???
bytheway, the OS we are using is windows XP Professional x64

Hold on a sec.. Is this Whole threat about Afterburn Older Version than 4.0 with latest Fume COmpatibility ?
if yes , Just get 4.0 cause it NEeds the New Afterworks.. its that simple..
That answer is totally Unrelated to the OS talk..
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