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A Puzzling Max Plug-In Net-Render Error
I have AfterBurn and FumeFX & Max2008 installed on my Vista Computer. They are the only Max plug-ins that I have installed at this time.

If I create and save a MAX scene and don’t use any AfterBurn or FumeFX elements in that scene, and then open that that scene on a different Max2008/Vista based machine and start a net render, I get errors saying that renders couldn’t be carried out on some machines on our farm due to a “Plug-in Error”. The render works on some other of the machines on our farm even though no other machine but mine has Afterburn or FumeFX installed.

We get these errors only using scenes generated on my machine and the key is that I wasn’t using either plug-in in the scene, so why would we get these errors at all when net rendering on a different machine?

Mike Bazzell
Did you try starting that Farm Render machine max on it asa is ? without opening Any scene on it but loading the proper plug ins ? it sounds to me like this is simply and installation plug in loading error and not a scene related problem.. i would double check your propagation script through your farm maybe and like i said test opening Max ( 30 days trial sure) on your farm machine to see if you are actually loading properly the plug ins ...
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it looks like the new installations of AB and FFX are not very "clean" ATM
I would check every single machine for loading errors...

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