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AB 4 out :) - questions :(
OK it's great it's finaly out (too bad we bought AB 3.2 for Max 2008 last weak - talk about bad timing Sad((( )
Got two questions though, since I couldn't find any info about it in the press release:
- FinalRender GI and Caustics - are they finaly supported AGAIN?
- can AB read proper particle lifespan for PFlow flows or do we still have to set it manualy?
Hello Filip,

Please read: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=574

Actually, you are entitled for a free upgrade.

As for fR and GI - it's not officially supported, but it will work to some extent with fR: Image GI
Caustics will also work.

AfterBurn 3.2 was always able to use particle age from PFlow, so does AfterBurn 4.0.


Quote:Actually, you are entitled for a free upgrade.

Wow, I'm so happy :')

Quote:AfterBurn 3.2 was always able to use particle age from PFlow, so does AfterBurn 4.0.

Hmm, maybe I'm doing this wrong:
- simple flow with PFlow ABurn operator
- age test sends out particles to a Delete operator
- Animation curves for Color an Size
And it's not working.
- override the particle age in AB Particle Properties
And it works.

But the point is to actually have AB read the particle age from PFlow - I can't have a variation in AB particle properties Sad

I think this problem was mentioned before on this forum or should I be feeling really silly right now? :o

Please check attached scene and compare it with your setup.
Particle age controls Particle radius parameter.


I can't open the file - it keeps crashing with info that I'm missing some fbm.dlo
Let me gues: it's a AB4 scene? Smile

Could you just tell me if it renders correctly for you from my scene?
Mine is a 3ds max 9 file... and I cannot open your file with max 9 !?

Kresimir, really, thanks for all the help.

Here's a Max 8 scene - all the same Sad

Replace Age Test operator with Delete by particle age and it'll work fine as
particles should be deleted in the same event.

Hmm so that's the workflow Smile
Been working with PF too long now - this solution hasn't even occured to me - force of habit Smile)

Thanks a lot Kresimir :*
No problems Filip.
I'll check if anything has changed in SDK, so maybe we could do that even setup such as yours to work as expected.

Amazing Smile
Have you tought of making more software? Maybe new 3ds MAX? Hey, how about a car? I would totaly buy everything from you Wink
Hi Filip,

hehe.. I am glad to see users happy with our software.
There are no plans for making cars yet, but I like the idea of a car that goes
on a compressed air - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmqpGZv0YT4


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