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negative pressure
2 questions actually:

1. (I cant find this in any posts here, so bear with me) How does one control the max spacewarps in fume? For example, I have say, a simple emitter, and a -gravity, -wind, pbomb, etc as a spacewarp. Is there any way to get fume to follow those with animation? If i move the SW around the scene, the only time it actually changes the sim is when it's rotated.. It's like the velocities were based off of the pivot of the fume sim, so only the SW rotational values are used, not where in space the SW is found. I'm trying to get the fume sim to follow the SW itself with the source remaining static..

2. is there a way to do a negative pressure sim? like, a vaccuum pulling in smoke, etc? I tried renaming a sim in reverse for fun, and the fum sim looks correct, however, the particle velocities are another story ;)

tks in advance,

Hey Chris

1- Spacewar's works the same way as on Particles.. You pick them in object\src roll out and it works just like a charm .. all though understand , grid based fluids space warp usage Induce Chaos in the grid witch can be Computationally costly ..

2- Their would be multiple way to do this effect.. I would personnally attack it in Tp rules and particles pushing for exact control .. ( i imagine Pflow would work as well but i m not a user so ) .. Anyhow, heres a quick example showing Some good points ( No particle based) :

a) Spacewarp sucking in Smoke
b) Noise Density Volume Cutter on emition
c) Source Density Negative Source to Kill smoke

hope this help .
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Interesting setup, it's pretty much what I was looking for, however, for some reason it doesnt seem to scale that well. I'll modify your scene and post it again (thanks tho, I was beginning to think i was losing my mind) oh, also, I know you can toss SW in the fume panel, it was just I was getting erroneous results Smile

I'll post the file when i get a couple minutes to rig it up

Ok, here's the scene

I pretty much cloned the example you sent, but increased the size of the sim, and the falloff value of the wind. If you sim both, they're completely different results.

(the file is in r9 with latest fumeFX 1.1)


i m on the road right now for a long time .,... maybe some1 can open this.. ( i want to have max on my iphone !)
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ok something seems to be weard in their.. will need time to check it out .. thanks for bringing this up ..
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