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Updates - FumeFX 1.1, AfterBurn 3.2c, DreamScape 2.5d
Dear users,

I want to inform you that the latest updates are available for download through our members area.
You must update all our plugins in order to make them load properly.


FumeFX 1.1
+ added: GI support for finalRender
+ fixed: 64 bit and 32 bit cache not compatible with certain grid spacings (0.4 for example)
+ fixed: Fume grid linked to animated point helper results in unlink during simulation
+ fixed: Non-adaptive grid was not working
+ fixed: preview window didn't play animation on Vista
+ fixed: black specks rendered under max 2008

MXS changes:

+ Added: GetShader() , SetShaderByIndex(index), SetShaderByName(name) functions int GetNumObjects(), INode* GetObjectByIndex(index), GetObjectByName(name), AddLight(node), RemoveLight(node) functions
+ Fixed bug in ffxWorldPtToIndex function

AfterBurn 3.2c fixes

+ fixed: point3.h assert error
+ fixed: Noise Preview Window crash
Compatibility with new afterworks.dlu (new AFCs)

DreamScape 2.5d fixes
+ fixed: If you generate an adaptive sea surface and then change the wave direction. Then render new foam.
+ fixed: Terra editor crash upon Texture Map Paint generation and paint after retesselation of underlying grid
+ fixed: pixelization of clouds which resulted in different clouds configuration
+ fixed: DS preview window crash on 3ds max 9 (opteron, etc.)



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