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Fume 1.1 Preview still not working !
i tried to use make a fume preview with vista 64 and max 2008 and max is crashing again like with the 1.0a before. I thought this was one of the adressed issues....

yea! where is the fix on that??? Confusedhock: Confusedhock: Confusedhock:

sorry , i didnt get to test that as i dont trust vista just yet Sad
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hm, as far as i know is windows vista (64bit) THE current OS from Microsoft (since over a year!!!). I donĀ“t know what i should think about a software which is NOT tested with the current OS ! Does it mean, that fume will be a death end because they stick on old OS ? Please not.

Hum.. nop it dosnt mean this Chris , But Because Bill Gates says : hey this is the best , dosnt mean it is Wink .. we are not the Only Compagnys only using xp 64 bit ..
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Make preview works fine in xp64.

Vista is pooh :lol: Out of all of the complaints is see with people using high-end software on vista, why would one choose to use it and go through the "early adopter" blues. As for it "being out for a year" is that why Microsoft rolled back the OEM compliance date until June of this year? Speaks highly of that OS. I have a test-bed with vista and to be honest as of right now I can't stand the thing. Chess Titans sure is cool though. :lol:
For Vista 64 you need to find Microsoft Video 1 codec that was a default codec (along with Cinepak) on previous OSes. If user does not have it, nothing can be encoded.
We will fix crash in next update.



P.S. I personally have Vista on my notebook, but we'll stay on Windows XP wich
work perfectly, so we do not have any single reason to upgrade.
Similar thing is with Office 2000 - it still has more features than I'd ever use Smile
yep xp64 is the way to go, I've got vista on my dell laptop and its not the most pretty thing, lots of crashing and incompatible drivers etc. All of my machines at my studio I run xp64 and it works a treat.

-Allan McKay
Allan McKay
Autodesk Master 2007
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