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Just a quick one
Maybe two Smile

We bought Fume FX, got three serials (2SLs). Installed and authorized on the workstation, works OK.
Now I know what SL are for, and that I'm supposed to authorize Fume with them on two slaves in the render farm.
Problem is: how do I authorise. I mean each node has a network instalation of Max - no GUI. I can't open Max, choose Fume and get the authorization window Sad

And second: what is the email address to write Sitni so they will add our new purchases to our members area? I know it is somewhere here but can't seem to find a keyword that would yield any results Smile
Hi Filip,

To answer your second question first - please send email to mailtoConfusedupport@afterworks.com.

As for SL version authorization - you can authorize it any any machine, preferably on a machine
that can be up 100% of the time - we'll call it a license server.
From a license server you can share a license on any computer on a network by using DCPFLICS.
This license sharing is valid for a full license of any ACAP product, includng SL version of FumeFX.
It all comes down to tweaking .ini files on both license server and slave machines.
More about it you can read in DCPFLICS help file.


I'm feeling really silly right now. Don't know why but I always considered DCPFlicks to be a local licensing service Tongue
Thanks for the quick answer Smile

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