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Max Crash Upon AfterBurn Glow Load

I am using 3DS MAX 2008 64 Bit & AfterBurn v32c on a Windows Vista Ultimate Quad Core Dell Precision Computer.

When I load the AB-tut8.max Tutorial file or when I click “OK” and add the AfterBurn Glow Video Post effect, 3DS MAX 2008 crashes.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there a solution or a fix?

Mike Bazzell
After further sleuthing of my AfterBurn Glow crash, I am no further towards finding out what is crashing it, but I have found that the situation/bug is very fickle. Some days, like the day I started this thread it crashes upon load no matter what is in the scene and other days like today it does not crash, half of the time working fine and at other times not loading but not crashing either. And in all cases it appears to be independent of the complexity or newness of the max scene.

,Mike Bazzell
Hello Mike,

AfterBurn 3.2c update is around the corner and it seems that this bug is no longer present -
at least we were not able to reproduce it.
We will post updates to our members area and I'm looking forward to hear is glow will be still crashing on
your machine.

Thank you.

Will it be named 3.2c or 3.2d so I know what to look for?
It will be 3.2c as well and we will post it inside the members area on Monday.


It appears that the 3.2c update solved the problem. Afterburn Glow no longer crashes on me.

I'm very excited. Now I can dive into FumeFX. Big Grin

Thank you for all of your help.

,Mike Bazzell
Pardon the confusion above. I am excited about FumeFX because a UI problem with it was solved at the same time as my AfterBurn Glow Crash was resolved.
, Mike

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