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Have FFX to follow a PF source
I have tried and tried to have the FFX to follow a particle system, is that possible, mostly I think it´s the opposite.
I have send a test scene I have tried to have the smoke to follow the paticles. Does anybody know how to fix it or is it better to have afterburner to achive that effect.
Did you try to use Simple Source and simply blow smoke from it to the ground plane ?
Particles can only add velocities to the grid, and act as a wind.
In your case it might be a problem to make smoke follow particles exactly, but you can try
to increase velocity multiplier for PSource.

or , you can get those footage in 2k and comp them in Wink
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1q_rRic ... t-5640-mph

:lol: jk
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