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FumeFX and Spacewarps Scale Factor
I was doing some tests with spacewarps and I as well as a few others noticed the scaling seems to be approx. 10x less than using the same spacewarps with PFlow or other particles.

Do you guys happen have a "real" number in regards to the scaling of say the wind spacewarps strength in Fume vs. particles.

Or maybe just a little insight to get more accurate results without having to do repeated test sims to get it closer to the mark?

Best Regards,
My experience with it is its not a question of scaling.. its a grid , spacewarp will disturb velocitys in the voxels , but it all depends on how easy it is to travel in your grid already ..

heres a trick , use a Fume Fx Source as spacewarp .. you have the noise controls , you can push velocitys from maps or not , and it localize the effect wanted to achieve in the portion of the grid you have your Source at , witch can become important as spacewarp do have decay but much harder to Restrict.. Less restriction = more chaos = more ram = ....

another trick for visualising more easily is is saving velocitys in your cache sim at high Spacing ( less cells) , then enabling your velocity in viewport checkbox and you can easily see the flow that your force (s) are aplying in the grid..

another trick is to use particles velocitys from object faces ( tp group as objects example) ..

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Thanks Rif

that helps quite a bit for visualisation.

So it is obviously not as simple as wind strength = 1, it is more like wind strength = 1 + density of grid?

Initially the denser grid started of slower but catches up with the higher spaced grid and they eventually ended up going the same speed.

So leaves me a little confused in the relation to "normal" spacewarp behavior.
if their is a direct correlation for spacewarp value translation i wouldnt know it.. indeed it might not be the easiest to setup , but with spacewarp behavior not changing from low rez to high rez grid , it shouldnt take alot of time to tweek Wink
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It is different if you compare FumeFX SW strength interpretation to PFlow or SuperSpray as both have different behavior as well.
SW strength and FumeFX grid spacing are not directly related.



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