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Particle Flow + Time?
I may be missing something, but when I have a particle flow system all worked out. I cannot make changes over time (AFC Curves), color sphere radius, etc. I can still make changes over time with standard plugins.
Attached image has a the same afterburn solution., the top on superspray the bottom on PFlow. did I skim the documentation too fast, any ideas?

OH yeah 64bit xp sp 2, Max 9 32 bit
The problem with PFlow is that particles don't have a determined length of life, and all AB animation is based on relative particle age (birth=0, death=1). Theoretically adding a delete event should solve it as now you're able to tell how far in life the particle is (how far between birth and death) but I was never able to make it work Sad
The solution is, while working with PFlow, to set in AB, first rollout, a length of life for all the particles and check Use checkbox. Don't worry it won't change the particles animation in any way it just tells AB to assume that every particle lives for let's say 100 frames.
I knew the answer would make feel "challenged" Sad . Thank you Big Grin .

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