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Smoke Momentum?
we are trying to get smoke emitted from a moving object to have momentum (to continue moving further and further through voxels after emission).

the smoke emits, but stops and does not spread out (unless we add a wind turbulence).

we played with Object Velocity and Extra Velocity but no luck. Also tried Advection Stride to have them reach further but no luck.

it seems like the smoke does not move freely enough through voxels. Imagine that dense smoke creates pressure outward so it expands...

Diffusion with high smoke values seems like a step in the right direction but the smoke does not really flow quickly through voxels and just gets really, really soft.

Is there a way to get emitted smoke to have momentum so it easily flows/moves/spreads through voxels?


You can try to lower vorticity as it's main role is to produce small swirls which create more interesting motion and details.
As the end result, swirls have an effect of velocity attenuation.
Not sure if this will help in your case as differences with and without vorticity can be small.

In FFX smoke does not have inertia, and density is used only for gravitational acceleration.

I hope this helps.

thanks, Kresimir -- a better understand of how it works always helps. We're trying a ton of things and it's looking better, but makes many ideas for next version...


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