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Raymarcher Setup renders with Vray extremely long!
Hello everyone.

I have a simple Afterburn setup with PFlow and Cache Oparator. The Flow contains also a delete OP for the AFCs and so on. So all is ok here.

Some info about the settings:
5x PFlow Afterburn OPs + 1 Direct Licht with Vray Shadow & Athm. Shadows ON
Shadow Cast, Shadow Recieve and Self Shadows ON
Sph. Radius 20 -> 120 AFC
Rotation Z: 0 -> 90 AFC
Type: Smoke
Density 0,01 -> 0 AFC
Noise Size: 28
Noise Levels 5,3
Phase: 0 -> 20 AFC

The rest is pretty much default... I tried slightly different settings, but no significant change of render time (ca. 30-40 min and even more per Frame in 1280x720 Resolution)

How can I speed up the rendering process?



There are other two very important parameters:
- Step size
- Shadow samples

It seems that you have a very thin smoke, so you can try to use step size 5 or so and 10 shadow samples.
Not sure how your scene looks like, but I think you might also lower Noise Levels to 3 or 4.
I hope this helps.


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