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Map Channel?
Does map channel work with obj sources?

I have a test scene, 1 sphere, with a multi-sub object applied consisting of two materials: one black (mat ID1), one white (mat ID 2). Only 1 poly of the sphere has the second material. Map Channel is set to 2.

I would expect that fuel and smoke are emitted only from the single poly which has the second map channel. However, smoke and fuel are emitted from the entire sphere. Is there another step I'm missing?


Interesting .. it looks to me at a first look that their is a Bug somewhere..
please for now use the Material Slot in the Emition slot of your object source .. With some minor work arounds , you should be able to achieve the desired effect..
i m not sure if its a bug or a Design limitation but its been reported as we speek
Thanks !
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Mapping channel is related to the texture maps applied from within source object user interface and not to material sub-texmaps.
As said in the help file: "Map Channel - For textures used as masks, map channel can be selected. "


Bah, figured, but I thought I'd better check.

I would add a little clarification to the help documentation:

"This map channel only applies to textures in the emission map slots, not to textures applied to object sources."

Multi-sub object would be extremely helpful in the future. Is this something that could be added to a wish-list for a future version?


Sorry, but evaluating materials during simulation is not something we plan to add in FumeFX.
Feel free to post any ideas or FumeFX wish list you have.

Thank you,


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