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AfterBurn + opacity mapped = crash

I'm using Max 2008 32bit with the Max 9 32bit build of Afterburn.

I've noticed that Max crashes whenever I have opacity mapped objects in the scene. If I hide the objects all is fine but as soon as they are visible it crashes.

I've just noticed that several others are having the same problem.

Is there a fix or workaround, I have a deadline for Thursday and my scene has a lot of opacity mapped objects. Sad

Kind Regards
Garry Clarke
Bummer deadline, why'd you switch so close to a deadline, if you don't mind me asking.

Not what you want to hear but the best workaround is max8 *shrug* until they get AB4 out.
Yeah I know, I feel like kicking myself.

I've been using Max 8 up until Max 2008 came out, this is the second job I've used Max 2008 for and I've had no problems with it so far. I had the whole scene set up with a fairly complicated particle system, it only went tits up when I started mixing the opacity mapped objects.

I've worked out a workaround of sorts as my opacity mapped objects aren't too big. But I'm switching back to Max8 for every thing else.


Can you please send me a scene for max 2008 32 bit ?
I have tried to add opacity mapped sphere in the AfterBurn scene and it renders fine.

Thank you.

The scene renders for me I just get the same point3.h assertion error (as mentioned before). I just assumed that is what Garry meant by "crash".

I've been looking into it a bit further and it's an assertion error. It happens only when I have opacity mapped objects in the scene, if I hide them it's OK.

I've now set Max to ignore the error and it'll render fine. Is this safe?

Do you still want me to send you a file?

Kind Regards
Garry Clarke

Max will render the scene fine if I get it to ignore the error.

But it won't ignore the error when I network render.

Anyway to get Max to ignore the error when network rendering?


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