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Fume Grid Linked to Animated Point Helper = Unlink During Si
Weird... we link the fume grid to an animated point helper and when we try to sim the fume grid un-links itself.


The point helper is only animating position and rotation...

This also happens if we try using different position controllers on the fume gride like Position Expression or SlavePos.

Only solution so far is to link to an animated helper and use John Burnett's "Bake" script to bake keys onto the fume grid itself.

Anyone else seen this or know why this happens?

oh, this is bad...
ya its normal .. Fume fx is designed to be Stuck and fixed to world space .. its always been like that .. dont animate the grid position after sim.. what you can do is sim fixed grid and link it after ? maybe that should work but youll then have to fake the movement during your still sim .. anyway as far as i know , what your experiencing is expected..

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AAARRGGGHHH!! We cannot animate the fume grid after sim either! As soon as we repath the cache or open the preview window the fume grid stops following his parent.

So for any shot involving Fume we have to ask MatchMove Dept. to output a stationary camera scene or manually setup a reverse-offset? This is not good for production... it seems easier to ask Fume to be able to animate in world space than have to compensate every time...

I was going to report this bug after i finish this shot, but Joe beat me to it. Yeah, the fume data box will jump around, skew, and scale when the preview window is displayed. However I'm not having a problem with repathing the cache, just preview.

To recap, I have a position/rotation transform cache, with a pre-simmed, stationary fume box linked. Show the preview window, and boom! Your fume box jumps off into space.


Thank you for this bug report.
We are on a good track and it will be fixed for FumeFX 1.1.


Awesome - that's great to hear - thanks, Kresimir
Great news, thx.

Joe I have found a workaround by saving the scene, selecting the box and opening preview, and simply waiting for frame (zkey) to eventually show me the preview. It usually takes a few times, but I eventually get it. Then you work on the look of the sim, record the numbers, and go back to the original file. Sucks, but that all one can do.
right on, thanks, Mike - we'll give it a shot...

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