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Future Render Elements and Presets Location
Is there a list of planned FFX specific render elements?

It would be nice to have the INI in the Max root and also have the ability to set a custom path for presets.

Best regards,
I'll second that!
We use RpManager from Grant Adams.. it automaticly sets Any RE i want anywhere and everything is mergable from scenes to scenes and perfect for productions shots.. ( http://www.rpmanager.com)

I hope we can have some great RE Elements Extractions standards for Sitni Sati Volume Shaders in general , definitly :0
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Hello Jon,

Feel free to post here a list of RE you would like to see in FumeFX.
We'll do our best to add those RE that are needed by users.

Thank you

we currently have RE's for Fire, Smoke and FusionZdepth...

could we create Temperature, Fluid Mapping, and Velocity all in one pass, too?
Re Normal
Re Shadows

Include\exclude FFx grid from RE .. and if possible include exclude Emitors from RE ! that would be soo sweet.. Fr power image..
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bingo! Shadows & Normals -- these would be really, really useful
I'll chip a third vote for Shadows RE Big Grin
Added to the list !


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