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Smoke not emitting consistently
Hi guys,

Im trying to make snow being blown off the peak of a mountain.
I have a simple source just down one side of the mountain pointing up it with a directional velocity of 100 and a smoke amount of 200. I have a horizontal wind blowing across the mountain.
Some of my fume settings are as follows:
Quality 2
Max Iterations 100
Stride: .4
gravity .5
vorticity .05
Dissipation Strength: 0
Diffusion 0

The problem I have is that it starts off fine and looks good for a bit but then after about 250 frames the emitter hardly puts out any smoke, not enough to even get over the peak of the mountain.
I have tried increasing the source smoke amount but it doesnt really change anything.
Any ideas?
Jordan Walsh
VFX Technical Director

Showreel 2012
Check out my scripts on ScriptSpot!
post a preview plz..
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