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MAX Goes Poof When Activating AB Noise Shape Preview
I have a very simple MAX9_32 SP2 scene where I am learning Afterburn. So far, all is well except when I try to activate the little preview window inside the Noise Shape Parameters. When I do this... the preview appears for a few seconds but has horizontal black stripes across the preview window. It's there for about 2 or 3 seconds then MAX completely disappears.

Sort of seems like a video display issue but my displays work excellent in all other respects and never crash MAX like this. (Dual QuadroFX 3450s driving 4 monitors).

Is crashing a known issue with AB in this way? In watching the training videos, the preview windows seem to work fine.

Thanks for any ideas!
OK, I don't think it's the video card as I just switched from Direct3D to SZB and the problem still persists.

I'm having the same problem as you the same same why. It's not a video problem. I tried Software, opengl and direct3d. Same problem.
Someone on the CGTalk forum said it is a bug.

I just tried updating my display drivers to the latest version (Forceware 162.26) and the problem is still there. In addition, MAX also will disappear with the AB preview open if I try and scrub the slider. This window stays open a bit longer, the Noise Shape Parameters preview will disappear consistently in about 2 seconds.

Very frustrating to try and work with AB when it causes MAX to disappear frequently.
I'm getting frustrated to. It's not video. But I would like to know if someone else is have this problem to.
And of all things I have a project to do using AfterBurn.
we have it reproduced on the beta .. so should be in bug fixes for next release..

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Thanks for the info on this. I hope there is an update released soon as it makes it very difficult to use when one can not see the noise pattern one is editing.

(Likewise with the Opacity Mapped Materials crash bug which appears to have been around for ages. I have never understood why when one of these major bugs is revealed (that seriously impacts new users trying to use and learn the product) that the developers do not release a patch for it the moment it is fixed but rather wait for ages while they perfect something else).

Thanks again.
any news on an update that addresses this issue? max crashes for me everytime i try to scrub the noise preview window. it really makes AB feel quite unstable. also when 'preview in viewport' is on, transforming objects (moving & rotating) is quite jerky. highly annoying.

- Rom
Just an update on this.

I recently installed MAX10_32 and when I opened one of the older AB example files (wheatfield) and began modifying the settings without the Noise Shape Preview displayed, all was well. Then after assuming it would crash when I turned Noise Shape Preview on, I turned it on and it did NOT crash. It is now currently displaying the Shape Preview just fine without the horizontal black stripes in the preview window which preceded all previous crashes. Still have more testing to do but this looks promising. So perhaps this was a bug in MAX9?

Nevermind... the bug still exists in AB even in MAX10_32.

Apparently, when I first turned on the Noise Shape Preview, it displayed properly and did not crash... until I started adjusting the noise gain value and the instant I dragged the spinner, the horizontal black stripes appeared in the preview window and MAX10_32 went *poof*.

So it's still broken.

This bug is confirmed and we will post an update of v3.2 inside our members area.

Thank you.


Thanks for the info! Any idea when the new version might be posted? It's very difficult to work with the Noise Shape parameters at this point since I can't see the effects of changes on the parameters.


I installed the 3.2c update and it does fix the point3.h crash bug... but was this update meant to fix the AB Noise Shape Preview crash as well?

Adjusting parameters with the Noise Shape Preview window active still causes MAX10_32 to disappear.

What is status of the preview window crash? Getting crashes in max9 x86/x64 and max2008 consistently. Would really like to know when this is going to get resolved.

Kresimir fixed this issue. (Sorry... should have updated this post). Contact Kresimir if the latest update on the website doesn't fix it. He can provide you with a version that does. It is finally working great here and much more useable without the crashing.

Thanks Kresimir!
We're waiting big releases (AB 4.0 and FFX 1.1) to post AfterBurn 3.2c update, so right now
this fix is not official.

Thank you


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