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Getting RGB velocity data out of Fume?
Maybe I'm wrong about this and excuse me for my ignorance, but wasn't there a way to get the velocity channel data to render as velocity information?

I understand that I can render the channel via the channel data option via the Volume Shading option, but this channel puts out a float value, not the RGB value I hoped it would. Can someone enlighten me on how this is done?


Hello Mike,

We need to make a Render Element for FusionWorks that will output velocity as color as right now, there is no way to do it.
If you have some specific requests about velocity output format, please let me know.


Bummer, I thought that might have been the case. I definitely vote to put this on the wish list, then.

I'm attempting to use fume data as a channel for displacement - think of it as almost smearing, where the smear picks up the color/texture of the surface and pushes it in a direction. Colored velocity information would be perfect for this.

However this is a specialized case - obviously people would like the RGB data for RSMB motion blur.
Any Idea when that might be available? Thx!
Its been in wishlist since the ffx 1.0 release so its in the queue and they are trying to find a solution ..
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