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My fire looks squary, please help!

Here are my settings for the fire, I'm using Object Src emitter from a sphere.
For some reason it turned out squary, or pixel like... Sad

Can anyone help me out please?
Thank you so much! Smile


[Image: 1472066055_69f1f2a161_o.jpg]
75*75*82 is your main probleme..
This determine the amount of voxel Total in your grid ..

You want something around 200 *200*200 for really nice results in what your asking..

If you cant afford it ( in ram) , you can always use the Rendering Parameters ( jitter and step size) to blur the sides of each voxels ( the square parts ur seeing) ..
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Thank you so much for your help Big Grin
and it worked!
It also took long time to render, but the result is wicked! :lol:

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