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FumeFX data import

I’m currently collaborating with a company that would like me to use Fume FX to produce a realistic representation of a fire occurring on an offshore gas installation.

My client is using ANSYS-CFX to perform a full CFD combustion model and could provide me with any/all data that result from this analysis (ie transients of temperature, reactant and product concentrations, fluid velocities, turbulence measures. Etcetera)

Clearly if we could transfer their data directly into FumeFX such that the data can become source terms that would be a great advantage and would interest my client greatly in future projects as fire safety forms a large part of their business.

Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards
Garry Clarke
Hello Garry,

What exactly is your plan on this?
Could you run FumeFX simulations from scratch and try to reproduce their results visually ?
I'm affraid that if you copy their values to the grid as initial state and run simulations, results
would be very different from those obtained by ANSYS-CFX .

Right now, I only see this possible only by usage of max srcipt.
It is slow to set all the data inside the grid with MXS, but it should work.


Hi Kresimir,

Basically I was wondering if I could use ANSYS-CFX simulation data, and feed it into FumeFX to render it.

Although FumeFX looks very good, and I could create a visualisation based on full combustion simulation, it would be simpler if I could just take their data and render it, saving me the time of trying to match thier visualisation.

Kind Regards
I'm not sure if that's doable as ANSYS-CFX might not be a grid based solver.
This would make data import even more complicated.



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