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error in max 9 x64 e:\max6sdk\includer9\point3.h#196
Did a new version from 3.2a get posted for this error? saw on Autodesk's forum that this has been around since may. Not only to Afterburn but also FumeFX.

getting this error in max 9 x64:
There a few threads complaining about this problem and we are yet to get any solutions.
I am a total newbie with Afterburn but I just came to the forums to inquire about this particular problem. I am using MAX9_32 and the scanline renderer.

I have created a box gizmo and applied the standard MAX Volume Fog and it works fine. But I thought I would try Afterburn Volume Fog to try and get more definition in the simple cloud layer I am trying to create. (It's basically a cloud layer that's over your head and goes towards the horizon line).

When I try to create the Afterburn Volume Fog using the same box gizmo, I can setup things just fine but when I render, It renders through the Afterburn Volume Fog clouds fine but after it's finished with this area and gets to the horizon (where it's just a flat mesh for the ground) it crashes giving the error in the title.

Any idea what part of my scene is causing Afterburn to crash? Renders fine with no Afterburn.

OK, I solved the problem in my case.

I was using a skydome object that forms the sky and the horizon. I had created the gizmo such that it extended beyond the skydome object (the gizmo and skydome intersected). When I resized the gizmo to fit inside of the skydome object and not intersect it, the crash stopped and the render finished just fine.

I guess this type of positioning is a no-no.

Unfortunately... I spoke too soon. Afterburn is still crashing MAX9_32.

I thought that making the gizmo fit inside the skydome had fixed the problem but it had not. When I sized the gizmo to be inside the skydome, it rendered fine without crashing MAX... the first time. Then I would choose to simply change some setting (such as the color of the volume fog) and then re-render and Afterburn crashes MAX again.

Then I would hide the skydome and render only the Volume Fog by itself. And it would render fine. Then I would unhide the skydome (which is only slightly larger than the volume fog gizmo... and Afterburn crashes again.

Not good.

OK, I may have finally found the cause.

My skydome object is actually two objects. One is the skydome and the other is a slightly smaller duplicate object which is inside the skydome that I have mapped to be clouds. These are both hemispherical objects. The clouds object is smaller and inside the skydome but the flat bottom of both objects were on the same Z position.

This has not been a problem for scanline or standard MAX Volume Fog but apparently causes Afterburn to crash MAX9_32.

When I move the clouds object down slightly so both hemisphere bottoms are not co-incident, it seems to render fine without crashing.

Would be nice if Afterburn was more tolerant of this type of situation as MAX itself has no problem with it and renders correctly.


It appears that Afterburn seems to have a problem related to rendering scenes that contain opacity mapped objects.

My clouds object was opacity mapped and was co-incident with the skydome object. When I moved the clouds object slightly... Afterburn became happy and rendered without crashing.

But my scene also contains opacity mapped tree objects. These are multi-plane tree objects where the planes intersect one another. This makes Afterburn unhappy and it crashes again and there is no movement that can be made to the tree objects.

So it looks like I will have to abandon my Afterburn attempts on this project and return to standard MAX volume fog (which renders fine without errors).

Looks like the point 3 problem is fixed which is awesome news as it is the bane of our lifes here.

see this thread


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