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Raytraced shadows and Vray
I've found that if you render Fume smoke with Raytraced shadows (Max native) and Vray (1.5 RC4) the shading of the smoke is VERY dark. If you use Shadowmaps or VrayShadows (non-area) it looks correct. If you use Raytraced shadows with Scanline renderer it also looks fine. Any thoughts? Using Max 8, btw.

Hello Mitch,

That is very unusual as 3ds max lights have internal call to atmospheric effect to calculate shadow, so choise of renderer or
shadow type should not have an effect. Do you maybe use some special VRay lights or even GI?


Standard Max direct light and no GI.
standard raytrace is not supported by vray. No matter if you use fumefx, you should not use it with vray. When i tried to use it I got darker and lighter shadow depending on the network render node.

Excerpt from vray help pages
Shadow types

Raytraced shadows

This shadow type does not work with V-Ray; using it is not recommended as it can lead to artifacts in the image. Use the specific VRayShadows instead.

http://www.spot3d.com/vray/help/150SP1/ ... ported.htm
VRay Shadows works fine for me... Except for Object Shadow casting... I mean VRay shadows did not cast shadows from an object on a FumeFX Grids... For the rest everything works correctly in VRay...

I hope this issue will be solve soon! I already submit this issue to Chaostgroup. But if other people report this bug, maybe they will work on it...
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FumeFX Explosion
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