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Scaling and fumefx?
Greetings everyone. Big Grin

My name is Simon and I'm a new user to fluid and fumefx since one or two months. I've been doing particles from a year and half now, mainly on "300" and some minor projects. Four our latest project, we decided to use fumefx and i'm loving it.

So let's proceed with my question. My old mentor always taught me to have the proper scaling, so i'll start with that.

My question for today is:

1- How do handle different scaling in fumefx? Do you work with a huge scene for a big tunnel with smoke comming throught it at high speed and stay at that scaling for a cup of coffee fumming on the table? Does the unit setup of your scene is fixed and you scale up/down the objects needed for the collision or do you change it in relation to what ya need to do? Back at job, we worked with xsi and they've got 1 xsi unit=1 feet, so everything they send me is scaled this way.

So this interrogation lead me to another qurestion...

2- What the difference in the noise scaling if you put a value of "20" or "100". Is "20" the basis scaling? As you get higher in value, does it means that the size of my turbulent noise is more appropriate for simulating bigger phenomenon?

I'll probably have more questions as i explored the software, but right now it seem to be my main problem, i always get fuzzy result, not heavy and dense smoke like we can see in : "A pattern appears in smoke renders: How to fix?" thread. We can clearly see that the smoke that 4dartist did is opaque and turbulent.


Pierre-Simon Henri
FX Animator

"À force de vérité, j'ai de mon vivant conquis l'univers."
--- Faust
Hello Simon,

My congrats on 300 - I really liked that movie.

To answer your questions;

1. Scale (mainly) is determined with buoyancy force and gravity force. Higher the buoyancy is, faster smoke/fire will rise.
Also, vorticity and turbulence will affect the 'feeling of scale'. There is no real world relation when using FumeFX - it's all left to artist to tweak those few parameters.

2. Noise scaling - If you put 20, then noise will be 'stretched' across 20 units.

Did you check examples from our members area ?



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