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Container extend wish for the future
I am not sure if my wish is possible with fluids: at the moment i am doing some high raising smoke simulations and often i start the simulation and after some time the smoke goes through the container ceiling. Now i have to extend the container and start the simulation again from the beginning, even if i like the simulation i did to this point.
It would be great to extend the container without simulation again. Or, much better, if i could build a second container, put this one in the ceiling area with some overlapping and fume would be able to give the edge voxel simulation from one container over to another one. In this case it would be possible for example, to refine my problem areas. And start with simple space simulations on the ground and build a container with higher spacing on the top.

Is this possible with fluids ? maybe in future releases ?


Something like that might be possible to add to the next release and I have put it on the wishlist.
Problems that will arise is that initial grid dimension will be different during the animation and I think
we will have to write a utility to rescale all previous fxd data.

Thank you.

Do we really need a rescale ? I want to put a new container on the top of an other, isnĀ“t it possible get the voxel data on the corner edge from the first one, feed this values in the new one on the same position and use this as new "emitter" with same simulation values ? Even if the space resolution changes between different containers, maybe its possible to make out of one voxel four in the next container. Just a thought, i have no idea behind the fluid code, of course....


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