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Fumefx_Changing frame rate

After trying to do a fire shot for my custumers at 25 fps. he realy like it but he wants same simulation at 100 fps. When i change simulation time with time scale all the simulation, smoke density and behavior also changes.
he realy want same simulation but im not getting closer to 25 fps one.

any suggestion ?
does he want to have the exactly same sim, but in 100 frames instead of 25, so he can speed up and slow it down if he want. for bullettime f.e.
or dos he want in 25 frames a sim of 100 frmaes in realtime?

for the first one you can simply change the global max playrate to 100 fps. but keep in mind that then you have to sim more frames.
for the second one you would scale up the fume timscale up to 4.

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