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Flame temperature?
Ok, tried to search for a solution here but couldn't find any.
What parameter controls the fire temperature.
I mean we have the ignition temperature, at which the fuel ignites, we have the source temperature that is generated by the source an if matches the ignition temperature, ignites the fuel. But what about the temperature of the fire itself?

To put it simply - I want to ignite fuel from a burning fuel.

I got this basic setup: two sources - one generating only fuel, the other only temperature (animated on-off). I actually managed to ignite the fuel object but only in the area where the temp. object touches the fuel. The fire doesn't spread further across the fuel cloud, as if the fire temperature was lower than the ignition temperature.
I set the ignition temp to 100, and the source object temp to 300 (defaults).
Playing with heat generation, expansion, and temperature diffusion parameters seems to influence only the shape of the fire in the area near the temperature object, it still doesn't spread across the fuel cloud Sad
What am I missing, because I think I'm lacking some basic understanding of the FumeFx burning process?

Here are some hints...

You can set ignition temp to 1 .
Keep that parameter low because temperture diffusion will lower temperature at a great rate.
More difussion you put, faster the ignition will spread.
If you increase diffusion, you can also increase heat production in order to support burning.

I hope this helps.

Damn, no magic trick, just googd ol' tweaking Wink
Thanks for help Smile

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