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Rendering GI light without fire ?
I am looking for a solution for good compositing render layers. I did some fire simulation for an effect shot, everything worked fine. I modeled the shot buildings as simple deflectors and used them with matte shadow material for rendering.I just got the fire and smoke for this layer, exactly what i want. Next would be a new layer just with the GI light simulated with fume. How can i get this ? I put a white material on all buildings, no light in the scene. With fume fire i have this buildings in GI light, but i want this for compositing WITHOUT fire and smoke. any solutions ?

turn the fumeFX grid to non-renderable in the object properties. just like any other object!
Or just use the R2.0 Render Element Gbuffer Extract Gi and Pick witch object you want to have in that pass.. You can extract separatly fromthe same render character gi , Enviroment gi , Hero Boxes gi receiving all in the same single render..

Their is Alot of ways Wink
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Thanks, "Vissible to camera" in object properties and fR Render GI Elements did the job. Before i tried to turn of fire and smoe in fume, but then there was no GI light too. Thank you for helping this simple question, sometimes the solution is so clear after you know the answer....


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