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point3.h backburner error
hello, were are having an issue with backburner rendering.

one file is coming back with "error message e:\max6sdk\includer9\point3.h #196"

we have no e drives here. and i found a post on the autodesk site about point2.h

it says the 1.0a should fix it but in the fume update list on this site it says a fix for point2, not 3. is this a known issue?
are there anyways of fixing it? thanks


autodesk thread:
http://discussion.autodesk.com/thread.j ... dID=548003
fume update:

Can you please send me a file and fxd file so that we can try to reproduce it here ?
Email is mailtoConfusedupport@afterworks.com

Thank you.

Has this issue been resolved as we are having the same problem?
I read on the autodesk thread linked above that this is going to be fixed in afterburn 4, is this correct? when should we expect this and is there any chance of a hot fix in the meantime?
Ok, the point3.h error is becoming a major problem now, i don't even know how it is related to afterburn or fumefx as it is happening in scenes where they are turned off. Could somebody please clarify what causes this problem so that we can pre-empt it and work around it.
i will ask a co-worker how we got around this problem and relay it back some time today, sept 5th
We get this problem even when afterburn is turned off in the scene but if you delete it totally the problem disappears.
well after talking with the guy, i found out we never really solved the issue. we just did a brute force net render. meaning even though all the machines would generate the point 3 error. eventually the frame would render correctly.

so my question for you is have you gotten one frame to render?
Yes most of the time most of the frames render but some frames do not render on some machines but then render on others and then some frames will not render on any machine.
I'm seeing this issue here too... anyone have any ideas about this?
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ari can you please report it with a scene and steps in beta please..
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