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Freeze the simulation
Is it possible to "freeze" the simulation, let say at frame 70, and have it freezed so I can render a camera going around it and the smoke is freezed in the 3d world. Hope my question make sense.

Here is a weird idea: Simulate your scene to Frame 70, then duplicate the last .fxd File in the output directory multiple times and rename them with a suffix from 70 to, let's say, 100. So, you should have time slice of 30 frames.


P.S.: ok, I just tried it: it seems to work. I recommend for the multiple renaming to use Total Commander or a similar tool Big Grin
that could work..I dont personnally suggest it .. all though we have a timescale value thats done just for that..

Animate timescale value from 1.0 to 0 from frame 70 to 100 for example.. turn the camera around , then wrap it back up to one when you want 2 .. and you get your matrix stile effect!.. you might want to add 1 simulation step to get rid of some steppinneess ..

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thanks for the replies, I ´ll try it as soon as I´m back at work
Works really great, just did as you said and animated the timescale

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