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stunt plane smoke trail

We've recently purchased FumeFX for a specific job we are working on which involves producing a smoke trail from a stunt plane. I'm finding it hard to get results I am looking for and was looking for some pointers to help me along. I seem to be getting the best results using PFlow and FumeFX particle source with wind and drag as forces in the scene, is this the best approach to take? Or should I use Object source for the simulation?

Many thanks
Thou shalt not kill clients, for they know not what they ask.
Hi A

I'm not sure if you have found the solution you needed, but in the 'Subframe Sampling' topic I brought up the issue that I was getting subframe sampling issues when I tried to render a ParticleSource based simulation that used a FumeFX Birth operator to create the particles. Basically, when I simulated a ParticleSource that was emitting from particles the were moving quite fast (in my case the particles were stuck on a position object that was moving along a path and spinning - and I was trying to get streams of smoke trailing behind them) the render looked like it wasn't calculating the subframe emission of fume particles from the particle source.
The solution I found was to use the same particle system that I simmed in FFX, but instead of using a FFX Birth operator, I spawned new particles from the simmed particle flow system and piped those into a FFXFollow operator. It seems to handle the subframe stuff a bit better so I did get the smoke trails I was looking for.

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Thanks for the reply Conrad. Unfortunately, our deadline was cut in half so we never got the chance to try it with FumeFX. I'll certainly try your methods and see what could have been... Big Grin


Thou shalt not kill clients, for they know not what they ask.

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