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FumeFX 1.0a

I wish to inform you that FumeFX 1.0a is released and available for download from our members area.

What's new:

FumeFX 1.0a introduces Simulation license (SL).

With Simulation license user can use backburner to send simulation tasks to any computer that has installed Full license, or Simulation license. Before submitting a job via backburner, user has to enable SL mode button in main FumeFX UI and set output path to a valid network path.
When job starts on a SL machine, simulation will start automatically.
If user does not want simulation to be renderer automatically after simulation is finished, then rendering range can be set to a single frame.

Full version of FumeFX 1.0a comes along with two free SL licenses while
additional pack of four SL licenses can be purchased at additional cost of $195.

Here is a brief list of other fixes and improvements.

- Improved multithreading code that will make simulation run up to 30% faster on multi CPU/core machines.
- About box now contains Reauthorization options for Full and Sim license types
- Loft crashed 3ds max if spline shape was animated.
- If mesh was not consistent, it was not voxelized at all. In 1.0a, inconsistent mesh is voxelized, but it does not have any velocity information.
- Fire Shader+CD Shader -> Without FM computed, images were still different then when Map Source is set to Disabled.
- GI multiplier now work for VRay as well. Parameter is disabled if Renderer is different from finalRender or VRay.
- Preview window with Map Source set to world coordinates rendered black.
- Smoke falloff had an influence on alpha channel, but it shouldn’t.
- Fire alpha multiplier now has to be much lower – in a range of 0-2.
Loading of FFX 1.0 scenes fixes this param in following manner; If fire alpha was > 1, it sets it to 1.0.
- Channel Shader Opacity is now 20 times stronger by default, except for smoke, for which it remains the same. Before this correction, results from Standard and CD shaders were different even when the same values were used.
- Error that can show up during rendering “Assert in point2.h line 196".
- Thinking Particles Values operator returned fuel as negative. Also PointInGrid value was true by default.
- Objects with WMS applied generated “outside of grid” error, even if object is inside the grid.
- FusionWorks/Render Element bug. If object in Object properties has ”Apply Atmosphere” disabled, then Render Element Z-depth, FFX Smoke and Fire had errors.
- Certain message boxes are replaced by log entries when FumeFX operates in slave mode.
- Memory required for simulation and render are added to general tab.
- Diffusion parameter can now go to 99999.0, which is useful for big scenes.
- Light picking/removing issues are solved.
- Match grid to smoke didn’t work sometimes.



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