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Fume for avalanche?
Heya Folks!

I have to use fume for an avalanche shot in a commercial so I've been playing with a lot of things in the past while. You seem to get a few different types of avalanches, those with loads of rocks of ice being flung around which are followed by huge amounts of powdery snow and those which are sheets of ice that detach from a mountain and slide down along a mount with a huge plume behind them. It almost looks like fluid along its edge so it's like a continuous white surface. I've tried a few different approaches including realflow, glu and particles to get this and while I've gotten decent results it's nothing conclusive. I was using particles bouncing or sliding down a mountain leaving afterburn trails which worked quite well but I have to get right up close to the leading edge of the avalanche. Since afterburn is birthed via particles and not continuously, it kind of breaks a bit and the effect doesn't build up into a cohesive mass - it does look like isolated puffs of smoke instead of something like this:

[Image: avalnache3.jpg]

What I'm wondering is how to get things that look like this and look good and crisp up close.These videos are a good reference:

http://artbeats.com/products/VNF1/movies/VNF102.mov and http://artbeats.com/products/VNF1/movies/VNF103.mov

Any of the fume stuff I've done has always been roughly man size so I haven't done anything on this scale at all - I'd prefer to use fume or particles with fume from a controlability point of view but still get a good continuous leading edge.

Has anyone done anything along these lines or scale? I'm going over the manuals again and running a good few tests but any pointers would be very much appreciated!

P.s. here's the rubbish ab test - Supposed to be at night time hence the dodgy lighting Wink

ari and i did as far as i know.. i did storms for dongeon scieges and he did some cool convection big scale smoke for some discovry channel stuffs..

The key is really part 1 the scale of the grid( dimension) .. You will need some 2000 *2000*2000 In Object dimension for the grid ( dosnt means 2000 Cubic Resolution ..) .. FFx should react betterly..

For the particle Aproach , you will need to substep the Master Dynamic .. and Add some Substep in the FFx Computation..

What i also suggest , as i tried once and it turned out looking bad ass , is make an Animated object that sprays ( matterwaves) the particles with some angle of variation that follows the Side of your Mountain surface with the speed you need and etc.. for easy control ..

Then Get fume to shade those particles and get some rules of spawning based on bounces and spawn strenght ( amount ) based on impact velocity with the avalanche surface..

Separate your setup in multiple Groups so that you can load them independantly in separated FFxparticles Sources and create Different , Small , but Alot of them , amount of FFx Sources..Make the FFx Sources Grow at the Right moment Over time based on the Particle Age ..

A Suggestion in the FFx Setup is use ALOT of Gravity till you get that rolling pushing look out of it .. Also i would kill the density from the Particles Sources and instead of relieing on signle source to create a Big collumn of fume , i would use alot of particles That inter pass each others where you kill the Density over Age but Not killing the Velocitys so even if the particles isnt dead yet , it still pushes velocity in the solution to strea it up toward the flow before it dies .. it will give you , when used with lots of sources , a Big scale look that you should like if well tweeked..

I also think that because of the Pyroclastic look needed you will eventually need a Pass of AB or PYro for the Ambiance filler etc..
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