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Preview window Background
Is it or could it be possible to change the background of the preview window, maybe allow the map channel. Would be great to be able to switch on a checkerboard background, for instance. It would make it a lot easier to judge the opacity/colors of the sim.

Anyone else's opinion?

Maybe something like AfterBurn ?
Right now it displays environment background, but we can easily change that.

Yes! , although I think it may maybe necessary to be able to scale it? I like the ability to change the environment color and have it in the preview, it just becomes difficult for me to judge what is going on when it comes time to tune the coloring.

To be able to turn it on and off as in afterburn is great.
You can change the color of the preview by changing the env color in 3dsmax, and pressing refresh in the preview window.
You can't assign texture, only color. So I switch with black, grey and green (0.255.0) to check the transparency.

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