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Maybe a way to move the FFXGrid...
I was thinking to find a way to move the FFXgrid.
C'an't it be possible to balance the movement of the grid by an inverse force.
For exemple if I translate the FFXgrid on X axis from frame 0 to 10, maybe during the sim FumeFX automaticaly calculate the distance frame by frame and apply an inverse force to the voxels for compensation.

Would that (or something like that) be possible in a future version ? :?:
Would be nice.
We had this on our mind for 1.0, but it didn't get in.
I have put this on our wishlist, so you can expect it for next point release.

Thank you for feedback !


Thank you for the news. Nice to hear, that there is such a straight-forward developement on FumeFX.
Great news Kresimir !
I think this will be a major update !

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