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Script:UI customization
It would be absolutely fantastic to be able to access fumefx through the customize dialog (ffx dynamics is there why not fume itself). It would be nice to be able to build a floater or add tooldbar buttons with all the fumefx objects (ie sim grid, emitters, ect.), would certainly speed up repetitive tasks.

Heh, the spam thread of XXX movie galleries (http://www.afterworks.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=322) has more views than this, I guess UI customization isn't all that exciting... :roll: Big Grin
most people look for video tutorials and dont want to practice FFX. :-)

I'm not sure that I understand you quite well. If you can please elaborate your idea a little bit more, we might get a better idea how you see this feature.
We plan for 1.x to add workflow improvements in regard to adding sources to the FumeFX grid.
As a bottom line, you could write a custom UI via max script - assuming that you have enough time to do so.

Thank you.

there's a short script below.
fn CreateFFX=
ff = fumefx ()
ff.previewfps = 24
ff.width = 10
ff.length = 10
ff.height = 10
ff.setpath "e:/aa.fxd" #overwrite
add here xtra wanted parameters of the ffx Grid ..example:
- for having grid sensitivity set : ff.sensitivity= 0.05
- for having grid spacing set : ff.gridspacing = 0.02
- for tweeking sim and playblack frames different than default :
ff.startframe= -20
ff.endframe = 80
ff.playfrom = 20
ff.playto = 140


fn SimpleSource ffx=
ss = Simple_Src ()
add here xtra wanted parameters of the source example:
- for having smoke only : ss.fueltype = 0
- for having smoke additive : ss.smoketype = 1
- for tweeking smoke density : ss.SmokeDensity = 10
ffx.addsource ss

ff = createffx()
simplesource ff


Now all u need to do is take a template of a Floater script Macro , put the headers , create it in a categorie FFx ( for example ) and put some ugly images calling each of the function and ur set.. for Adding xtra function u can look in the FFx maxscript reference or enable listener and do it normally mannually and see what the script says..

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Thanks Rif, three minutes it took you, didn't it, don't ask me why it didn't occur to me to open the listener and copy paste. brain fried at the mo i guess.

I knew somebody was going to give me some sh!t for posting thisBig Grin

Yep they are ugly icons tooSmile *shrug*

I won't waste anybodies time anymore with stupid requests...should have thought more before I posted this here and there...

ahahah Noo nooo sorry if i passed that message.. most of my days are crazy and i do wanna help the most that i can .. so forgive those small comments .. thats my Mark of Commerce lol ..

its all good man .. but ya , pink is ugly isnt it ?

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Yep pink is ugly Big Grin, ah forget about it I was having a crazy day too, people barking up my trunk...i was a little on edge...my bad.:oops:

This took me a quite a bit longer than three minutes (me not being much of a scripter)

It basically just builds a floater and shortcuts to access the FumeFX object creation menus. I had the first iteration actually creating the objects but wasn't to hip on it so I changed them all back to ibject creation mode. Anyway hope it save somebody some mouse clicks.

I hope the icons I made aren't to offensive :lol:

This is kind of what I was talking about.
[Image: FumeFXFloater.png]


Small update.

Added toggle for FFX Dynamics Floater.

Added button for modify mode, right-click toggles Command Panel show/hide.

fixed dialog position, now works with closing the dialog.
fixed icon linking with max8.


thats starting to look Sexy .. Smile

ull find out something sad when u get to it and its the object list deflector cannot be scripted atm ( at least i couldnt figure it out) .. u can add obj as deflector etc.. but u cannot change speed multiplication , deflection type etc..

I hope Their will be a way soon to have that resolved ..
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thanks RifSmile

This is a really useful script.
Thank you for sharing it on the forum.

No problem,

Thanks for making such a great/fun pluginSmile

Small Update

added scroll position, rollout memory, some forces & deflectors, particle view toggle/environment dialog, + playback control
[Image: FumeFXFloater_05b.png][Image: FumeFXFloater_05a.png]

The link still works for v.03 if people don't want the extras

Best regards,

EDIT:Fixed link, Thanks Kresimir Smile
UI looks really nice !
Can you please fix a link to the .zip file as it points to a .png.

Great work,

Updated Nov.25, 2007

Fixed some bugs with dialog position and rollout position.
Added Object Selector checkboxes filter out specific objects in scene. IE FumeGrids checked poplates the dropdown list with only FumeFX containers, clicking selects object in scene, hopefully making it easier to select Fume and Pflow objects in crowded scenes.
Added/Changed some Dialog Toggles.
[Image: FFF_06_Big.png][Image: FFF_06_Small.png]

Latest version.

Works with 2008 on XP


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