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like mozaic ??

I have problem of AfterBurn

afterburn noise looks like mozaic.

Octane Shader (No probrem in Raymarcher)
in Higher frame(it appearance over about 2000 frame)
step size is not related (size 0.001 and size 1.0 they are same result)
local noise on(it clear when local noise off,but I need local noise)
particle number 15 per frame(it clear when lower particle number ex.3)

[Image: 1000.png]
1000 frame no problem

[Image: 3000.png]
3000 frame problem appearance

do I have to send max data?

pleae help me.
best regards.
Hello Kensuke,

This is a bad side of Octane Shader. If you have lots of particles that overlap, different noise patterns can get in first plan at different places.
If you use Octane Shader with many particles, you could try to decrease density, so that particles can blend more smoothly.
World noise type will fix this as noise is continuous through the space, but that is not a good solution for animations.


thank you!

I tryed your proposition.

and I challenged to use another Particle system.

I used Pcloud last time.
I change to use Paray next ,but It was same result.
and I change to use Pflow.
It is visible in the good result.

[Image: Pflow.png]
3000 frame no mozaic in Pflow!!

Hello Kensuke,

I am glad that you've found a solution to this problem.
Was the problem in particle count ?

Hello Kresimir,

After that Pflow solved the problem.

I think long in coming to releae AB4.
because I'm using FumeFX and I want to use it with AB.

and I will post next topic for another AB's problem.

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