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point cache emitters?
hey guys anyone tried to emit from point cache emitters? I'm finding pretty unpredictable results.
. .yes allan .. guost rider , the host , sop , and a buch of others where emiting from point cached geometry comming from a pts conversion from point oven from maya and xsi .. whats the probleme ur having and please xplain more what "unpredictable Results " means in ur case..

Whats tested successfully are the following :

- emiting a source from a Pointcached geometry

- Deflecting the fluids on a pointcached geometry

- Emiting particles from a pointcached Geometry and have the Fluids born from those particles ..

All under max8 and max9 64 bit ..

Only bad experienced Behavior was due to a "crease " of the mesh that wasnt Skinned properly witch would . carried over as a vertex cache , create a Solver Explosion cause of the voxelisation was erroring out if i remember right ..
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hello. The fluids treat the objects as if they're in different world space. ie. completely different animation to what they're phyiscally doing.

This was with WSM point cache rather than the local one. I switched to a different solution for the time being, but as soon as I have a free minute I'll try it out with a locally cached version. You'd think there wouldn't be any difference however I'm getting strange results so who knows.
hum weard.. i never had to use worldspace pointcache.. i m even able to emit velocity from the object source properly from the face normal of the pointcached object..

if u have a simple scene , it might be usefull to share it if their is any werdos happening ..
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