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FumeFX 6.0 beta 4
FumeFX 6.0 beta4 has been released today.

The most important updates for this version are the new Swarm node that simulates collective behavior.

Important improvements are done for the Grid Sources node and Write voxel node that among many internal improvements can now add pressure directly to the FumeFX simulation.
Here is the list of new/improved features and bug fixes.

New or Improved Features
- Added new Swarm node for simulating collective behavior.
- Added Falloff node.
- Added Global Attribute node so that user can create global constants (bool, int, float, vector) to be used in any tab and by any node.
- Grid Sources node added ability to create additional pressure within the FumeFX system.
- Grid Sources added enable checkbox for all channels for easier switching on/off through other nodes.
- Grid Sources node added texture map evaluation for Particle mode.
- Grid Sources node added proper sub-frame stepping for smooth particle trails (works only for Particle mode).
- Write Voxel node significant speedup.
- Write Voxel node added pressure option.
- Write Voxel node added enable checkbox for channels for easier switching on/off through other nodes.
- Particle Shape Animation added "Cache Once" option that will keep the same caches even when simulation restarts.
- Workspace caching - added button to select/deselect all attributes.
- Select/deselect all for multiple checkboxes in GUI.
- Object Test node added face Material ID output pin.
- Object Test node added triangle area output pin.
- Added enable/disable caching particle seed value.
- When FumeFX simulation is running, automatically close the NodeWorks editor window as it can slow down the simulation.

Bug Fixes
- Particle random seed bug causes randomization issues.
- Face Shatter Top Material ID for fragments should always be visible even if Extrude is disabled.
- When texture map is removed from the node, after scene save/load it's back where it was.
- Write Voxel might not be working properly with FumeFX simulation substeps.
- Load particle caches with custom channels didn't work.
- Grid Sources node - Normal Velocity should be disabled when using particle emission from shape..
- When new Workspace is created by menu it is not immediately set as active.
- Simulation crash if there was very low voxel count and many threads.
- Math operator integer connection bug.
- Small bug while reading caches.

FumeFX 6.0 beta serial number (fully commercial license valid until 31/12/2022): FFXYRXQTBM

Installations for FumeFX 6.0 beta 4: (-offline-)
Examples (updated for beta4): https://bit.ly/3R5xBqj

Help file: http://docs.afterworks.com/FumeFX6max/FumeFX20_web.htm
Video tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/user/sitnisati/

System Requirements:
Window 10 minimum
3ds max 2019 - 2023
Arnold Renderer

Redistribution of files is strictly prohibited.
Best regards,
Kresimir Tkalcec
Hello! Do I have a Chinese version of this node? I am looking for someone to turn this into Chinese, which is garbled code. Can you turn it into Chinese!

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