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Some small suggestions
Hello developers.
I've been using thinking particles and Pflow and tyflow. I spent several days testing the test of fumifx6, but I did not test the smoke simulation. I just tested the node particle part. I have a few points to make. I hope it can be passed.
1: I hope "FFX nodeworks" can add the "cache RAM" function ("cache RAM" means to temporarily store particles in the computer memory). When we drag the time axis, there will always be one card after another. However, when we drag the time axis for the second time, there will be one card after another. If there is "cache RAM", we only need to drag the time axis once, and the second time will be very smooth. At this time, we only need to occupy some memory of the computer. If you say that we have the function of saving to the hard disk and do not need this function, yes, I know that we have the function of saving to the hard disk, which is also very important. However, the significance of "cache RAM" is to improve the user-friendly experience. I don't need to deliberately click "calculation memory". When modifying parameters, I will get the results in real time. This function has been fully played in the popular particle software tyflow, and there are similar functions in Houdini. I hope you will attach importance to this function.
2: The noise function in "FFX nodeworks" is very simple. I hope to add more noise types. Add the fluid properties in "fumefx5" to the particles, such as "vortex, turbulence,"
3: When we hover over the node "attribute", we should prompt what data type the attribute belongs to, such as "floating point", "vector", "integer", "matrix" and other data types. This facilitates our identification. (it is suggested that different attributes should be marked with different colors, so that you can visually see what their attribute types are. Of course, nodes can also be distinguished by different colors, for example, input and output can be distinguished by different colors.)
5: It is hoped that "FFX nodeworks" can add openvdb, and that particles and VDB can be more closely combined and VDB can be directly exported.
6: : you want particles to have export nodes, which can be exported to many formats such as "objects", "ABC", "abc_points".
7: Add a material node to control the material separately for each group. (it will be very painful and troublesome to distinguish materials by material ID).
thank you

Thank you very much for your suggestions. We've added this to our feature todo list, except(7).
That might be problematic as our caches must be portable between various apps and it can get really complicated if you are about to export materials. For now we will keepĀ  the Material ID workflow. I know that this is not the most intuitive solutions, but it will work wherever you load your caches.

As for the (3) - you can right click on the node and see or change the pin type. We can add colour coding as a user preference.

Best regads,
Kresimir Tkalcec

Regarding the Material ID - we will add submaterial name directly below the MaterialID control so this might help a bit to visually connect the Material Id number with the material itself.
Best regards,
Kresimir Tkalcec

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