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About Movement control by barometric pressure change

Is there any way to reproduce the movement of smoke due to air pressure?
For example, is there a way to create a vacuum in a certain area and have the smoke flow into it?
If you set the Normal Velocity of Geometory Sauce to a negative value in the curve editor, you can make it look like smoke is being sucked into an arbitrary object. However, since this is not a change in air pressure, the smoke will be sucked in forever.
Instead, we want the air to flow into the depressurized area so that the air movement stops when the entire grid becomes uniform in pressure. In other words, I want to reproduce the air movement caused by Pascal.

If I can represent this air pressure, then I can represent the slipstream that occurs when the car moves.

If there is a good way to reproduce the above, please let me know.
I'm not sure if the concept of air pressure is included in FFX in the first place, but if not, I'd like to know if it will be in the future.

Thank you.

All the fluids you see todays in 3ds apps are based on the incompressible fluids and I'll have to say that at this point we do not
have plans to move to compressible fluids.
For physically accurate fluid simulation there are many stand-alone tools and such simulations falls into the engineering category.

With FumeFX it's up to an artists to achieve similar effects by the use of animation - you can animate velocity and gradually slow it down as the volume fills in.

I hope this helps.

Thank you.

Kresimir Tkalcec

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