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Deadline not using wavelet cache
Hi all.

I'm on a really tight deadline, and I'm trying to render a fumeFX-simulation on deadline.
I've done the initial sim and the wavelet sim, and on my local machine everything renders as expected. However, when using deadline the frames seems to be using the default cache and not the wavelet - which is a major issue.

The setup is pretty simple, one object source, four deflecting objects. WT-Sim files are around 1.3Gb.

Both caches are stored in the same networked folder, accessible to all the nodes. No deadline errors as far as I can tell.

I'm using win 10, Max 2022, fumefx 5.1 and deadline 10.1. MAXtoA latest version.

Is there a button somewhere I forgot to press?
Right. I was able to force deadline to use the wavelet-cache by deleting the default cache. Not an optimal workflow, but it will have to do for now.
Still no errors in the deadline logs.

If you set the FumeFX input cache to Wavelet and save the scene, it will remain as that when you load the file so not quite sure what happens with Deadline.
If you render from the 3ds max command line locally, would that work?

Kresimir Tkalcec

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