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Issue with FumeFx not accurately reflecting the Age of tyFlow.

I would like to load particles generated using tyflow into FFX and utilize FFX's AFC, but I cannot read the Age accurately.

The two methods we tried are as follows. Please see the attached sample scene and images for reference as well.

Method 1: Enable tyFlow's Age Channel
Enable tyFlow's Age Channel, select tyFlow Float as the Input Type in FFX's Particle Sauce, and enter Age as the Channel Name.
The result is that Age is not loaded properly.

Method 2: Setting Custom Float in tyFlow
In tyFlow, use Custom Properties to set up a channel corresponding to the Age, and then load the set channel with Particle Sauce's tyFlow Float.
As a result, the pseudo-Age can be read, but the exact Age cannot be read.
For example, if you want to set the Radius of the AFC to 10 at the beginning and 0 at the end, and the life of the particle is set to 20 frames, you can adjust the Interpolation value in Custom Properties up or down so that the Radius becomes 0 at 20 frames (this is not accurate because the apparent Radius is adjusted to be 0).
However, let's say that you have a mixture of particles with variations in Age and a lifetime of 15. In this case, the Interpolation in Custom Properties is optimal for Age 20, so it is not appropriate for Age 15, and the Radius will not be 0 even at Age 15.
As described above, if you want to have a variation in Particle Age, you cannot set the Radius you want to get.

Based on what I have verified so far, I would like to have a solution to the above issues, but I do not know how to go further.
Ideally, I'd like to see FFX's Particle Sauce properly reflect the Age if Age caching is enabled in tyFlow, without the need to use Custom Properties.

I've already posted this problem on the tyFlow forum, but there was no solution.
I do not know whether this problem is with FFX or tyFlow.
Apart from this problem, I also have a problem with not being able to read the velocity of meshes generated by tyflow. (In most cases, velocity cannot be read when the condition becomes complicated, such as when the flow splits due to spawn in tyFlow.

If this is a problem on the FFX side, will it be fixed in a future update?

I'm looking forward to your reply.
Thank you.

The AFC requires a range from 0-1 as input, 0 would be when the particle is created and 1 when it's no longer present.
If tyFflow when you create a custom channel from the Age, make sure to divide it with particle lifespan.
Although, the lifespan is mostly not known as particle can be killed at any frame you can use some arbitrary number.

Velocities from meshes are tricky as tyflow generates mesh at each frame and the topology can change so you cannot determine the travel distance (velocity) for each face individually.

Hope this helps.

Kresimir Tkalcec

Thank you for your reply.
I now understand the difference between LifeSpan channel and Age channel.
So AFC will not work properly without LifeSpan channel.
Now I understand that AFC does not work properly because tyFlow cannot output LifeSpan channels. Thank you, I hope tyFlow can output LifeSpan channels.

Even when the topology does not change, the mesh velocity is sometimes not loaded. Is this also a FFX specification?

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