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Afterburn and render elements
I've recently come across a weird problem. How can I see after burn effect in render elements images? I mean I know I have to flip the "create image channels" switch and I do. The result is that I do get, for instance, the z-depth data in the virtual frame buffer and as an image channel when I save into an RPF file. But when I go to render elements and export the z-depth data as an additional file the z-depth image is blank. I even set up a scene with a stream of particles and a row of spheres next to it and rendered that. My z-depth image showed just the spheres Sad
It's really frustrating since I see in the frame buffer that the z-depth data is being generated for after burn, it just isn't saved into a file through render elements. Any suggestions?

PS. I'm using Max 8 sp3 and AB 3.2a.
Hello Filip,

3ds max does not support Render Elements for atmospherics and it's not easy to make a way around.
We'll work on this for next version.



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