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rendering settings / Volume Shading menus keep folding back
how do i keep open my Rendering Setting and its sub "Volume Shading", "Standard Shader" , "Smoke Opacity" etc

ie: when i select Gravity to edit, or an object in scene for some tweaks while on FumeFX, and come back to FumeFX
everything is still open they way i left (which is good) ie: Solver, System, Smoke etc all are still open

but while editing rendering/opacity/shade etc if i leave FumeFX and touch any other object etc, my "Rendering Settings" sub selections
are folded back again, and i have to click them one one by one again to reach to Opacity etc pages Sad

whats the trick ?

(sorry, i have no idea those selections in Maya Attribute editor called! )

Under the Maya/FumeFX/Scripts folder you will find the AEffxDynaTemplate.mel script among many other scripts where the whole UI is defined.
You can edit this file and create the UI style as you wish.

I hope this helps.

Kresimri Tkalcec
nice Smile
thank you

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