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recommended processor
Hello To Maya/Fume FX users,
new to Fume_FX and its awesome...
i am originally sound design artist, doing Maya for side project,
my i7 7820x never hits 50% with 100+ audio tracks, full of plugins etc without even overclock,

Maya/ FumeFX is actually doing fine in my machine, but once i apply "Wind" Sad
also, i love spinline follow FX as wind kind of FX... but when i use more than 2 in my machine with animation and Collisions
i am running out of juice again!
so, time to upgrade to something way better!

would AMD 3970X be good enough (without overclocking it - ) or do i really need AMD 3990x
any recommendations !?

PS: i read, FumeFX 6 coming soon... Smile
Hello Kam,

For the CPU, it's best to have the higest clock possible and 32 cores will perfectly fine as certain parts of fluid sims have all sorts of bottlenecks.
Having 128Gigs of memory might be important as well, depending how far you plan to push the detail limits.

Yes, working on the 6.0 at the moment Smile


Kresimir Tkalcec
makes sense, thank you!

could you make "What u see is what u will render" in viewport 2 with FumeFX 6 or at least close enough especially with "smoke" ?

it will be a killer simulator!
You're welcome.
We'll see what can be done for the viewport.


Kresimir Tkalcec
We have max 128 Gb of memory and so far never went over 90 Gb for sims, but you might need more if you need to render in hi res output.
Any chance to share your Thanos portal result ? Would love to see it at 150Gb!

Yes, I hope that Bitcoin price will drop and interest will fade as all this craze makes no sense.
i sure will share the renders once i built Vfx computer! my music computer (i7-7820x) is not happy seeing 100% CPU usage,
he had a happy and cool max 50%CPU usage life lol

i suppose you use max 90Gb simulation at initial-first simulation, before wavelet / extra detail !
what do you use normally for Grid Scale Detail after 90Gb simulation ? do u ever go over 8-10 times ?

edit: i am assuming you are referencing 90Gb simulation based up on 100x100x100 Grid size! ?

Our Thanos video tutorial doesn't run wavelet simulation.
It's the Default simulation and it's actually under 60Gb - size setings are attached.

Kresimir Tkalcec
Thank you for sharing your tests.
Fluid sims that already use all the CPU resources on systems with lots of cores can become bound by all kind of bandwidth limits.
Looking forward to hear how FumeFX works now.

Kreismir Tkalcec

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